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Dúo protector solar SPF30 y after sun


Dúo nutritivo y reparador

Este dúo de protección solar natural es nuestro best seller de todos los tiempos. Combina nuestra crema solar SPF30 norishing 200ML y la solución 2 en 1 After Sun 200ML, perfecta para proteger e hidratar una piel sana y bronceada, todos los días. Hecho de forma sostenible en Australia, libre de crueldad, $ 1 donado a proyectos de conservación de arrecifes.

Todos los días • 100% natural • Rostro y cuerpo • Preparar, proteger y reparar


SPF30 protector solar nutritivo 200ml

Activo: Óxido de zinc 220 mg / g Inactivos: Triglicérido caprílico / cáprico, Aceite de semilla de uva, Cera de abejas, Manteca de karité, Candellila Cera, Aceite de soja, Isostearato de glicerilo, Ácido polihidroxiesteárico, Aceite de semilla de jojoba, Vitamina E, Aceite de semilla de cártamo, Aceite de lavanda, Ylang Aceite de flor de ylang, aceite de hoja de pachulí, aceite de raíz de vetiver, aceite de geranio, extracto de pepino, extracto de raíz de zanahoria, betacaroteno, aceite de rosa mosqueta.

Solución Aftersun 3 en 1 200ml

Aqua (agua), jugo de hoja de aloe barbadensisº (jugo de aloe vera), glicerina *, fenoxietanol, carbómero, pantenol (provitamina B5), hidróxido de sodio, aceite de lavandula angustifolia * (aceite de lavanda) etilhexilglicerina, extracto de hoja de camelia sinensisº (té verde) Extracto), acetato de tocoferilo (vitamina E), polímero cruzado de hialuronato de sodio, aceite de flor Anthemis Nobilis * (aceite de manzanilla).

Dúo protector solar SPF30 y after sun



  • What does reef safe mean?

    Many sunscreens contain ingredients that wash off our skins (or down the drain) to harm coral reefs, even at very small concentrations. Using a "reef safe sunscreen" means that no ingredients in that product will cause detrimental effects to marine life. That includes coral reefs but also marine mammals, turtles, fish and a variety of marine species. Remember that certain brands falsely claim to be "Reef-Safe" but actually contain chemicals harmful to ocean life, so always check the label for these toxic ingredients:







  • Are P4O Products safe for children & pets?

    Yes, our products are designed for all skins, even the most sensitive. At People4Ocean, we believe all skins deserve the best - most natural - sun protection products and that natural sunscreen should not be exclusively used on babies. We use certified natural and certified organic ingredients and exclude all nasties such as Parabens, fragrances, synthetics or dyes. The aroma of our sunscreen comes from a signature essential oil profile. We use a blend of Shea Butter and Tasmanian beeswax for water resistance so the cream doesn't run or sting the eyes. Unlike chemical sunscreens (Oxybenzone, Octocrylene, Avobenzone, etc.), P4O sunscreen and other mineral based sunscreens are safe to use on children under 2 years old. However, we do recommend to keep new borns (<6 months old) out of the sun or to consult your doctor.

  • Are P4O products cruelty free?

    Yes they are! We don't test any of our products on animals.