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Our Mission

$1 AUS For Global Reef Projects

Coral reefs around the world need our help. In the past 50 years, global warming, overfishing and land use have killed over 50% of reefs worldwide, compromising marine biodiversity and millions of human livelihoods. Today, sunscreen pollution is part of the problem. For this reason, for every product you purchase, P4O donates up to $1 to reef conservation initiatives worldwide in an effort to reverse the damages done. We believe our sun care solutions - and the people that use them - are a driving force to preserve these vital ecosystems worldwide. 

Healthy Skin

There is a noticeable absence of sun care products capable of addressing the collateral damages of sun exposure (e.g. pigmentation, dehydration, pH stress, ageing), while providing effective sun protection and ticking the boxes of respect for health and Nature. People4Ocean aims to provide sun care at its best, with clean ingredients and honest products. We approach skin as a living ecosystem and formulate our products to preserve it.


Healthy Reef

Most sunscreens are filled with ingredients harmful to your skin and to oceans as well. Science shows strong evidence that common UV-filters contained in 97% of sunscreens act as hormones disruptors on marine species and impact coral reefs from very small concentrations. People4Ocean Sun Care excludes all ingredients susceptible to harm your skin and fragile marine life. Remember that certain brands falsely claim to be "Reef-Safe" but actually contain harmful chemicals, so always check the label for toxins such as Oxybenzone, Octinoxate & Octocrylene.